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Vype ePen

  • Easy to switch flavours with unique no-spill Caps
  • Control your vapour strength with two power settings
  • Choose from five colours - black, white, red, purple and blue

Vype eStick

  • One charge of the pack lasts up to five days
  • Charges itself from the pack when not in use
  • Lightweight and compact, fits easily into your pocket

Vype eLiquids

  • 7 fantastic flavours
  • Pure ingredients and Vype expertise in every eLiquid
  • Tested for consistent vapour quality and satisfaction
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Our expertise in the science of vapour ensures we engineer the best possible experience for you.

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Why Vype?

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How do e-cigarettes work?

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The science of quality Vapour

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Know What You Vape

Know What You Vape

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Quality Hallmark

Vype Quality Hallmark

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