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Get the Facts

What makes a Vype electronic cigarette?

Vype electronic cigarettes offer adult smokers the sensations of smoking, but they're completely tobacco-free.

Our secret is ECOpure, a premium quality e-liquid that contains pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

When you draw air through your Vype, an electronic heating element is activated, which vaporises the e-liquid for inhalation.

Offering a smooth and satisfying taste, ECOpure is one of the most reliable e-liquids available.

Classic variant ECOpure contains only three ingredients: nicotine, glycerol and purified water. For our Menthol variant, we add ethanol and menthol.

How ECOpure is made

We manufacture our ECOpure e-liquid at our headquarters in Manchester.

We've invested extensively in research and development, and we rigorously test our products, meaning you can have total confidence that you're inhaling a premium quality e-liquid.

Recycling at Vype

Send back 10 used e-cigarettes and we'll give you a new Vype Disposable for free.

At Vype, we think recycling is essential for the future of the planet. We're committed to minimising the amount of electrical products being sent to landfill, and we need your help.

If you send us 10 used Vypes we'll make sure they get recycled safely, and to say thank you we'll send you a brand new Vype Disposable for free.

10 Vypes

Step 1

Collect a minimum of 10 used Vype electronic cigarettes and as much Vype packaging as you can

(including hard cases)

Download the form

Step 2

Download, print and complete the form below

Post back to us

Step 3

Send your used Vype e-cigarettes and packaging along with the completed form to the following address:

Recycling Department, CN Creative, Phoenix Park, Unit 1, Blakewater Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5SJ

If you don't want to recycle with us and claim your freebie, please dispose of your WEEE responsibly. Information about collection and recycling facilities in your area is available from your local authority. For more information, see our Disposal of Used Products page.

Terms & Conditions
Offer only open to those aged 18+ and who are existing smokers or users of nicotine products. You are responsible for paying the cost of returning the items to us for recycling. It is your responsibility to check the conditions of carriage of your delivery provider, prior to delivery. If you have any queries regarding delivery or conditions of carriage, please contact your delivery provider directly. One free Vype Disposable per minimum of 10 used Vype Disposable electronic cigarettes returned.